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How to make your business soar using Google Street View

How to make your business soar using Google Street View

The world is changing and technology has paved way for various innovations which help businesses flourish and reach opportunities they’ve only ever dreamt of.

However, the competition has been tough in the online realm, with competitors offering the same, if not better services as your company’s. How do you one-up the competition, you ask?

Google Street View gives your hotel a presence in the virtual world which makes it look a lot more attractive since customers like to put a face, or rather, a place to a name.

Show, don’t tell

It’s perfect because you’re not outright telling customers to trust you – you’re showing them. A virtual tour around your business shows that you actually have nothing to hide.

Competitive advantage

You gain a competitive advantage with premium imagery on your Google presence. It’ll help users find you seamlessly on multiple Google channels.

Richer content

You can drive traffic to your hotel pages with immersive visual cues. Invite travelers inside your hotel on Google Search, Google Maps and Google+ as well as your own website and Facebook business account.

Give your users the best experience

Provide your customers the best experience by giving them a virtual tour around your business without any inconvenience. Give your customers the satisfaction and convenience they rightfully deserve.


Google Business View gives universal access to your business, meaning anyone can view it from a mobile device or web browser.

A better connection

Humanizing your business helps establish a better connection between you and your customers. They don’t need to put their guards up knowing you’ve got a stellar-looking hotel.

Need help?

How does it work?

Your next customer could be a click away. When you’re listed on Google, you let your guests find your location, contact details, room rates, booking options and what your guests say about you.

You can even embed the virtual tour on your social media accounts like Facebook and reach more customers.

The timeline

Odoco can conduct a photoshoot at your business premises, create and optimize your Google+ page, and submit the output to Google for quality assurance checks.

After that, Google accepts the virtual tour and it lives on Google+ and Google Maps.

Why trust us?

Trust is a two-way street. It may be hard at first, but trust us – it’ll all be worth it.

We’ll give you one heck of an experience.