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There was a time in skateboarding when what you said and did off the board was almost as important to your career as the tricks you did on it. The intense and colorful personalities of guys like Mark Gonzales, Jeff Grosso, Jason Jessee, and Neil Blender captivated my entire generation as much as any skate photo of them. Characters like that are rare in modern skating. The new mantra is smile, don’t say anything, and let your skating speak for you. The problem is every kid’s skating is saying the same thing, making it a very boring conversation.

San Jose’s Jerry Hsu is one of my all-time favorite human beings and definitely one of my top favorite skateboarders. Jerry possesses all the things that used to count for something as a skateboarder: creativity, style, integrity, an opinion, and a personality. He is also, of course, an unbelievably gifted skater. His part in Enjoi’s 2006 video Bag Of Suck remains seven and a half minutes of the smoothest, most stylish, and gnarliest skateboarding ever. Let’s watch.

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For this week's Mahal, I met up HiriiTheHuman, a 15-year-old member of Rochester's suburban rap scene. While hanging out with Hirii, I asked him about growing up in the suburbs, his new song, and why there are no spaces in his name. 

What's it like in Rochester?
Rochester is a very cool city. It's like the small version of NYC that's exactly the same, only with more rachet hos and fake ass hipster bitches. 

How far is Rochester from New York City?
‎It's not that far from the city—probably about six hours at the most. It's really no different from NYC. It's cold, and it's very urban—a real tight scene for the most part.

‎‎What's the rap scene like?
The rap scene up here is hella dope. Shit, the music scene here is crack period. There [are] a lot of different kinds of rap up here. The only thing is not everyone supports everyone like they should, and I feel like that's not just in Rochester but also everywhere, which sucks.

What's the story behind your name, HiriiTheHuman?
Hirii the Human, aka Hirii Humana, is my favorite show. Adventure's Time's Finn The Human [is my favorite character], because adventure shows are the shit. He got all the princess hos trying to mac with him, but he's [only about] 15 years old. He's always getting misunderstood and friend-zoned by Princess Bubblegum and Marceline. There are also episodes where he gets trapped inside his mind, not literally, but basically he thinks way too much and goes astral a lot. I felt like that's exactly who I am—always, misunderstood and shit—so I named myself HiriiTheHuman. 

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